What Is PUPPS?

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

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Dale said:   March 10, 2011 6:25 pm PST
During my first pregnancy (with my son) I developed the pupps at 38 weeks on my belly and then a week later it spread to the rest of my body. Nothing helped the rash except cool compresses and ice baths for my feet but I was lucky enough that the Dr. induced me at 40 weeks to relieve me from misery. It went away after I delivered but came back a month later with the rash all over my body in a span of a weekend. Dermatologist suggested there may be a bit of placent in me but OBGYN didn't seem to think so. Derm gave me steroid ointment and it went away and never came back. I am now pregnant with my 2nd child and 17 weeks along. It appears that the rash has come back but on my breasts this time. I have yet to talk to the Dr. about it but by the way it feels, I believe it is pupps. It has not spread anywhere else yet but my stomach is starting to itch. I am extremely nervous. The weird thing is, the rash on my breasts is much more tolerable this time around. My gut feeling though is it will only get worse as the pregnancy progresses and eventually spread. Wish me luck I have a long way to go. By the way, the Pupps on me did not only show itself in a rash but also tiny wart/pimple/blister-like bumps between my fingers and toes after I scratched in those areas.

Shanna Johnson said:   February 27, 2011 2:11 pm PST
I developed PUPPS ON WEEK 38. I was sick with a cold like sinus infection and my midwife diagnosed me with PUPPS at my 38 week appointment. I as well as my doulas feel that my body was waiting to get better before my body went into labor. Almost a week later the first day I felt better I had my baby GIRL at 39 weeks and 2 days. My PUPPS is spreading from one area to the next. It was on my stretch marks and now that's healing and going everywhere else. My midwife told me to get some Adveeno bath and Cortisone cream. It stops the itching for periods of time but when the itch flares up I just want to take a wire brush and itch my skin to death. My daughter is a week old today and the PUPPS is still spreading to other parts of my body. The PUPPS is leaving my stretch marks on my belly and my skin is flaking where the rash was. But where this rash is now is on my back, legs, arms, above my belly, neck and even my feet. I have to be honest, I haven't done the Adveeno bath like I was instructed because I think it sounds messy but I think I will now.

Dawn said:   February 24, 2011 9:43 am PST
I had PUPPs with my first pregnancy (a boy), about two years ago. It started on my stomach around 38 weeks and spread all over my body except my face. I even had it on my palms and between my toes. My doctor diagnosed it and said delivery was the only cure, but that I could be induced if it got unbearable. I tried to stick it out, but no lotions, soaps, baths, or anything relieved it much, so when the baby didn't come by my due date, I asked to be induced. It had gotten so bad that while I was in labor in the hospital, my OB called in a dermatologist, thinking it couldn't be PUPPs because it was so bad. But the dermatologist confirmed that it was just the worst case of PUPPs she'd ever seen. The epidural was a God-send, as it numbed my whole body and I could finally sleep. After the baby was born, I used steroid creams and oral steriods, but after 6 weeks I had to go back to the dermatologist b/c it still hadn't completely cleared up. Finally after another round of oral steroids it went away. Now I'm pregnant with baby number two and just pray that I don't get this horrible disease again!

Heather said:   February 21, 2011 11:39 am PST
I am currently 38 wks pregnant with my first child and have had a 9 months to begin with. About a week ago I went to the doctor because my arms and belly had broken out in little red bumps that itched like crazy, Had I not looked up puppps before i went to the doctor who knows if I would have ever been diagnosed with it. My Doctors office has only seen it a few times and never as bad as i have it. I have tried everything to stop the itch from the oatmeal baths, to all the different kinds of lotions, and the medicated cream the prescribed me, benadryl pills and cream so far there are only a few things such as aveeno lotion and the medicated cream that will keep the itch away but only temporarily. I am now trying to speed up my labor by trying all of those tecniques because i'd prefer not to have to be induced because of this. This is a horrible rash and i would not wish it upon my worst enemy. I am so thankful that this website was here to provide me with some answers though!

Rachel said:   February 17, 2011 12:13 pm PST
I was diagnosed with PUPPS today. I was pretty sure that's what is was. Mostly on my stomach, thighs and sides. I have been putting on a thick layer of Desotin diaper rash cream on. It gives me about a 1-2 hour break from the scratching. My doctor said that was fine to do.

Tina said:   February 13, 2011 6:57 am PST
I developed PUPPS around 37 weeks of pregnancy, and it began first with severe itching on my stretch marks on my tummy, then I noticed the stretch marks started to bulge a little. Not too long after the itching got really bad and spread to my legs, arms, and around my back. I was going into physiologic insanity from the lack of sleep, and I was soooooo miserable. I just wanted it OUT. So I told my OB who wanted to transfer me to a derm ( who was gone for a week). Well I simply could not wait another 7 nights, without honestly going crazy and I was having crying fits from the itch. I even contemplated going to the ER and not leaving until they induce me. I went online and was reading all these blogs that helped me feel like I wasn't alone. A lot of blogs spoke about homeopathic remedies, and with nothing to loose and only sleep to gain, I went to a homeopath. GO TO A HOMEOPATH: IT WORKS!!!! The lady did try APIS but for me it didn't work very well because I had an allergy to nickel she tried PLANTINA ( platinum) and honestly after 48 hours, the bumps are gone, I was able to sleep with some ice packs between my legs and the itching has decreased immensely. its not 100% gone yet, but there is such a huge improvement in my skin and in the way I feel (because I can sleep). so I really wanted to spread the news because I was on benadryl, hydro cortisone cream, using kalimai lotion, aveeno bath, showering 90 times a day... I did everything you are doing. my OB said the derm would give me some methenol cream that would help, but I couldn't wait another week so I decided to do something in the mean time, and I m glad I did. My heart goes out to any woman who has PUPPS I think its the worst thing you could ever have, as if being pregnant wasn't challenging enough. But please do try to seek a homeopath, you've got nothing to loose at this point. I hope this helps

Andrea said:   February 4, 2011 12:26 pm PST
At around 37 weeks, the stretch marks on my abdomen became very itchy. One week later, it had spread to my arms, behind, thighs (front and back) and in spots on my back. I went to the ER this week because I couldn't take it any longer. Two ER doctors that observed me had said they never have seen such a thing. They ended up calling my OB and she said it sounded like PUPPPs. I previously called my OB one week earlier and asked if I should come in and be seen and she said no. Anyways, I'm now on Hydrocrotisone Creme, Benedryl and oral steroids. I am still miserable. I even had to start my maternity leave from work one week early since this extreme outbreak. I do find minor relief in cold showers but honestly, who really enjoys a cold shower? I have also started drinking Nettle tea but have not found any relief in that either. Well, my baby is due in 3 days and I am scheduled to be induced in 4 if she's not here by then. I really hope this goes away immediately after delivery so I can enjoy my baby girl without this horrible, horrible rash.

Robyn said:   February 3, 2011 12:52 pm PST
I am one of those rare ones who developed PUPPS after my son was born. It was horrible. It was all over my legs and up to my belly. I am encouraged to read that it usually only happens in a first pregnancy because I am due in a few weeks with another boy and am dreading a reoccurance of that awful rash. Because I was bottle feeding I took high strength steriods with a very powerful topical spray intended for psoriasis. It helped but did not take all of the itching away. It took a few weeks for it to clear completely. I will keep my fingers crossed for clear skin this go-round!

Angie said:   January 15, 2011 6:10 pm PST
During my first pregnancy (with a boy) I developed the PUPPS rash during the 8th week on my leg. The OB didn't know what it was so he sent me to my dermatologist who took a skin graph and was not able to diagnose me. That went away and at the start of my thrid trimester it began again on my stomach and spread to my legs, then arms, breasts, and at week 39 to the bottom of my feet. I was induced at 39 weeks due to lack of sleep and extreme discomfort. My doctor had diagnosed me with puppps as soon as he saw the rash begin on my stomach and spread rapidly on my entire body besides my face and hands. I used hydrocortisone cream, sarna anit-itch lotion, aveno baths, cold showers, ice packs, benedryl cream and pills, danidilion root, cranberry pills, and flaxseed oil pills and none of them even relieved the itching. I was then put on steriods which also gave me no relief. I was told that after delivery (which ended in an emergency c-section) that the rash would go away. I had it for another TWO MONTHS! I was miserable. I am now preganant again with another boy. Around 8 weeks the dreaded rash began on my arm! Luckily it went away after I began putting on Gold Bond Lotion. At 33 weeks once a stretch mark appeared on my stomach days later a rash began. I have been putting on gold bond lotion several times a day and taking benedryl before bed and it has not been as bad this time but has begun to spread to my legs. I'm now 35 weeks and am scheduled for a c-section at 39 so at least it won't be as long of suffering this time around.

Lynn said:   November 10, 2010 1:09 pm PST
I had PUPPs with my first pregnancy in 2008. It started at 34 weeks and drove me insane! My dr didn't want to give me steroids at first, and none of the creams or oatmeal baths were helping. The only thing that helped was cold. I took 8-10 cold showers a day, slept with ice packs covering my arms and legs, had to stay in AC at all times. When it started raising my blood pressure (I don't do well with itchies, I literally drive myself insane), they finally sent me to a dermatologist who gave me a steroid cream. Within a day or two, the itching had subsided. I'm currently pregnant with my second and terrified of it coming back.

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