What Is PUPPS?

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

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If you have or had PUPPS, I would love to hear from you. Let me know what treatments worked for you and what didn't. Thank you for visiting my site.

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Sarah said:   March 30, 2012 9:41 am PST
I am experiencing PUPPS currently (36 weeks) with my first pregnancy. With preeclampsia too I get to lay down frequently trying desperately not to scratch or go crazy. The oatmeal bath is imperative and sometimes I can take more then one in a night. I also use the Aveno cooling lotion which is great when added with a fan blowing gently on all the itchy parts. I feel for any lady that has to go through this (and that have it worst or earlier in the pregnancy!).

Claudine said:   March 29, 2012 10:06 am PST
I had PUPPS at 32 weeks back in 2003...the summer of the East Coast blackout. After trying creams, lotions, etc I serached the web and found that a few women were using a cobination of Flax Seed pills and Dandelion Root pills. After scrathing for two weeks straight, I decided to try it out. Within a couple of days the itching subsided and the rash started to go away. I had suffered through Poison Ivy/Oak and Sumac as a kid and PUPPS is 1,000 times worse. I have only had one child, my daughter, but every few years I start to break again with the same rash. I always keep the Dandelion Root and Flax Seed pills in supply at home and at work. The combination I use is as follows: 3 Dandelion Root pills, 3x per day (that makes it 9 pills a day) and 1 Flax Seed pill, 2x per day (making it 2 pills per day). Flax Seed can be bought at almost any drug store and I purchase the Dandelion Root from GNC.

Courtney said:   March 23, 2012 5:21 pm PST
I developed PUPPS at around 36ish weeks. It started out as a couple of tiny itchy bumps on my belly (right on the stretched marks that were starting to show up), I thought it was just because my belly was getting to hot underneath my maternity pants. Over the next week it got worse. at my 38 week apointment I askeded my Dr. about it, she took a look and said it looked like PUPPS. She told me that if it got worse over the next week they would have to induce labor. At my 39 week appointment (the rash had spread to my hands and feet)the dr. set my check in up at the hospital and I was to report there two hours later. NOTHING seemed to help the itchiness. It was AWFUL. After I had my daughter the rash continued to get worse and worse. Dr. said it would get worse before it got better. They were no longer little bumps, all the little bumps seemed to morph into these HUGE red bumps. It finally started going away a couple weeks after my daughter was born. After about 4-5 weeks I think it was gone, however, I still have little scars left from the rash. Scratching was the only thing that helped! LOL I can say DO NOT TAKE HOT SHOWERS, only makes the itching worse. Cool showers/baths did help for a little while.

Brittany Love said:   March 16, 2012 10:29 pm PST
im 38 weeks pregnant and have had this rash for about 4 to 5 days now but went to the doctor today about it and found out i have pupps... i came straight home and did some research cause all my doctor told me was that i am pretty much allergic to being pregnant... this web site helped me ease my mind alot and im def. going to try some of these treatments everyone has posted cause this itching is driving me up the wall...

Tanya said:   March 13, 2012 12:10 pm PST PST
I found out I have PUPPS today. I'm one of the rare cases that got it AFTER pregnancy. I'm 2 weeks pp and I Started getting a rash a few days ago...it got more spread out, and I saw my doctor today. She took one look at it and said it was PUPPS. I was put on a pill pack to help clear it up. It's so itchy!

Via said:   March 9, 2012 12:10 pm PST
it might be aspriosis. aspriosis typically looks like red or pink areas of thickened, raised, and dry skin. it affects areas over the elbows, knees, and scalp. essentially any body area may be involved. it tends to be more common in areas of trauma, repeat rubbing, use, or abrasions.try to stop rubbing/scratching it, go see a doctor.

Veonica said:   March 8, 2012 2:39 pm PST
I'm 38 weeks and I got PUPPPS about a 2 weeks ago. What has worked for me was PINE TAR SOAP this is the best thing every!! I smell like an old man but it has really helped me. I put it on 3 times a day and let the dry on my skin for about 20 min then I was it off. I'm also using the Cortizone 10 with Cooling relif Gel while I'm at work. These are the 2 items that are my life saver until I give birth! I found the soap at a store in IL. called Whole Foods.

Candi said:   March 7, 2012 1:51 am PST
I was diagnosed with PUPP today. I'm 26 weeks into my second pregnancy. I did not have this with my first. It did not start on my stomach however so I think it world be nice to point out that it does not always start there. Mine started on my arms, then moved to my legs, then to my bottom, and the stomach dead last. The doctor said it was a very severe case and wanted to give me steroids but my ob said no. I'm so frustrated at this point. I have an 11 month old to take care of as, my husband is deployed, I don't have time to itch!!!! Thank you for this site. Now I do not feel so alone in this struggle.

Audrey said:   March 2, 2012 11:12 pm PST
I too suffered from the pupps rash with my first and I cringe at the thought of getting it again with this one. I got it at about 34 weeks so I was close to delivering ( THANK GOD ) and I fear I may get it again and maybe sooner. It was dreadful, I use to use a hair brush and just scratch until I bled because as another mentioned the pain was better than the itch. I literally had to sleep with frozen packs/ frozen vegetables strapped to my stomach in order to get any relief which you can imagine how hard it is to sleep with freezing cold things attached to you! I had absolutely no sleep because of this awful rash! However I guess I am lucky to have only had it on my abdomen and not all over my thighs and butt. I also suffered a back injury and an abscessed wisdom tooth during so it was kind of a bad experience........ I am glad someone mentioned a relief I think it was Kendra? Dandelion root? If it strikes I will check it out, anything that will make that dreadful itch go away if it comes about in this pregnancy. It has no effects on the baby??? Did the doctors say it was safe?

Claudia said:   March 2, 2012 4:49 pm PST
Im 31 weeks and went to my doctor and he just blew is off saying it was just irritated stretch marks and wouldnt give me time to explain all where it was and how it started or anything so i did my own search and PUPPP hit the nail on the head. It started on my abdomen and worked its way out. I came upon this website and saw the Sarna's anti-itching lotion and i got to say it works wonders. It give a really cool burn but the result are worth it. Its around $11 but cheaper than getting a bunch of tubes of cream and a little goes along way. I'm deffinitly grateful for this website!

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